IT Migration Services

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We live in an era of constant growth and evolution. Companies get bought out, merge, or divest on a regular basis. As a direct result, companies are faced with complex IT Consolidation projects and datacenter moves. Jitlan has been specialized in this area since its inception. We have worked on both sides of the outsourcing fence, so we understand how to move workloads and systems one way or the other.

Our service offering covers the full gamut of the M&A process from conception through execution, we can offer turnkey solutions or simply assist you with staff augmentation for existing projects.

We’ve been migrating datacenters, integrating workloads & teams, re-designing new process flows, consolidating Active Directories, migrating mailboxes, etc, for years, which makes us uniquely qualified in IT Migrations & Consolidations.

Datacenter Migrations

We specialize in large scale IT migrations and integrations resulting from mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.

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Active Directory Migrations

In today’s complex world of Access & Identity Management, consolidating the AD Domain footprint is a necessity as well as a foundational step towards cloudification.

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Office 365 Migrations

The benefits of migrating your users to Office365 are impressive: Cost effective, improved communications & collaborations, better resiliency, improved access, etc.

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“I’ve been working with Jitlan for over 15 years, they have never let me down! They excel with difficult, complicated projects. They always deliver.”

Francois Lefebvre
VP Operations & Infrastructure

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Michel Champagne
Senior Director, Retail and Users Services