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The history of Jitlan dates back to 1986 when a company operating under the name Infogen Inc. was created, specializing in providing IT consulting & programming services. In 1993, one of the founding partners, Normand Gareau left Infogen and started Netésys.

​Jitlan Inc. was created by Steven Lambert in 1999, an Infrastructure Consulting Services company with a division specialized in providing Managed Network Services.

In 2001, Jitlan and Netésys joined forces with the purpose of leveraging the combined experience of both firms.  Following the merger, Jitlan focused mainly on two niche markets:

  • As a boutique recruitment agency , providing high quality IT Technical talent to its clients
  • Migration Consultants (Datacenters, Migrations to the Cloud, Active Directory Migrations & Consolidations)


Indeed the FastTrack service is a free service designed to get customers on-boarded and using the O365 services as soon as possible.  Clients often have complex environments that require meticulous planning in order to reduce user impacts during the migration process, that’s where Jitlan value truly shines.

Although we consider ourselves very versatile, able to adjust to any industry, we’ve done most of our work over the past 30 years in the following industries: Airline, Banking, Insurance, Loyalty & Retail.

The short answer is yes they can.  However, if the goal is to consolidate the Active Directories, then careful thought should be put into the timing of the cloud migration.